Steve Wolsh (WithanO Productions) is at it again, with the announcement of the Muck theatrical release date and news on a prequel.  See the news release below, check out the Kickstarter page, and help back this awesome horror project.
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Rickey Bird Jr. creator of the hit Naked Zombie Girl horror short film, is taking his creation to the next level, a comic book, and he is looking for your help to make it.  Check out his Go Fund Me Page and take advantage of some of the awesome rewards he has available for backing the book, including being drawn into the comic itself!
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It’s been awhile since we have sponsored a contest so here we go again…..

This GROOTACULAR poster was created by Brian Roll from Odyssey Art, and creator of The Circle….and this crazy guy from Blogmen Media is giving it away!!!  It looks way better hanging on your wall than the pic below, trust me!

Here are the rules to win this AWESOME, and autographed, piece of art.

1) Like this post (of course you like all of my posts).
2) Share this post with everyone!
3) Put a really cool (and nice!) comment in the “comment” section

….and that’s it, when I get tired of getting bombarded with Facebook notifications I’ll randomly select a winner, so annoy me, you know you want to!

And remember WE ARE GROOT!



I had the pleasure of interviewing Meghan Chadeayn, star of the new horror short Naked Zombie Girl from Hectic Films. Meghan is an awesome and talented person,  check out the interview below:

From the trailer, Naked Zombie Girl doesn’t look like many of the zombie horror flicks that have been done before. It has taken a very different angle. What was it like shooting the movie?

Shooting NZG was a constant roller coast ride, we’d have really fast paced moments where everyone’s FX makeup was done and we could really get the ball rolling, then others was a lot of down time while Nick and Kelly worked their magic. It was an awesome and eye opening experience to just -how- much dedication and skill goes into making realistic zombies and a believable horror movie.
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Naked Zombie Girl Review (Spoiler Free)

I had the pleasure of reviewing a screen-er for the upcoming horror short Naked Zombie Girl, director Rickey Bird has hit his mark with this film. Read the rest of this entry »

You normally see me blogging about my nerdy passions, comic books, conventions, movies, but here is an upcoming novel that I am VERY much looking forward to, and the author’s name is one that you will remember from some of our other blog posts.  Kristal Walker, wife of Don Walker (Agent: Wild), is publishing her own work, Birthright: Destiny of the Fae which is currently in a Kickstarter campaign.  Please check out the information below, some images from the book, and help Kristal make her dream a reality by backing her project on Kickstarter.  Thank You for your continued support!

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Road Trip of the Dead

Fans come to Pittsburgh by the thousands to see Romero filming locations and these fans are dying to see them!

We are in pre-production of a reality based documentary horror film “Road Trip of The Dead” in the Pittsburgh, Monroeville and Evans City/Cranberry area,  Our film stars celebrity and effects artist Tom Savini ( Dawn Of The Dead 1978, From Dusk Til Dawn and Django Unchained ) and other stars.

Our film centers around a group of friends that are filming a documentary about filming locations of Romero Films in and around Pittsburgh. The friends set out on the tour unknowing the horror they love is about to become reality.

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