Scream queen Jessica Cameron‘s directorial debut “Truth or Dare” is a horror gem, check out more information below:

Film Details

6 friends find internet stardom after making truth or dare videos that go viral. Everything is fun and games until their number 1 fan decides he wants to play…

A group of 6 college kids (Jennifer, Michelle, Ray, John, Tony, and Courtney) are tasked with producing a video of any sort for their college marketing class. The video with the highest number of views will get the highest grade in class. They make a truth or dare video under their group name, “The Truth or Daredevils” that goes viral and catapults them to overnight internet stardom.

The group amass a large following and get a lot of media attention from their controversial video. While guests on a popular talk show, they find themselves confronted by their #1 fan named Derik B. Smith. After demanding to be a member of their group, he is  thrown out of the talk show after trying to get on the stage. The Truth or Daredevils begin filming their latest video at John’s house. Everything is running smoothly until the unstable fan from earlier shows up and forces the group of friends to play his version of truth or dare. Shocking truths are revealed and the dares become deadly. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Steph D Show – Official Poster

Check out the latest update below, for the show that has people confused…

The Steph D Show is a scripted sketch comedy TV show in the format of a talk show, and with elements of improvisation. Hosted by the adorably corrupt, Stephanie Danielson and her sidekick Edward Fortyhands (played by Dan Sanders-Joyce). It’s dirty, it’s high-sterical, it’s whimsical! You dreamt it….we made it; however fun as this show is, it is NOT intended for children, but all of you “big kids” out there (aka adults), you will surly enjoy The Steph D Show, so be sure and check it out!  #thestephdshow

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Hey Kids!!! The Sugar Skull Girls bracelets are here!!! To get your hands on one of these super cool, and super trendy pieces of wrist decor just visit the Sugar Skull Girls’ Instagram Page, make an edit, and share it, and the guys over at Potent Media will send you out one of theses awesome bracelets to make your friends jealous!



Coming soon in 2014, The Steph D Show is a sketch comedy talk show hosted by Stephanie Danielson, and her sidekick Edward 40hands. The 1st episode is finished, and the production team is currently in talks with different networks. Read the rest of this entry »

Stephanie Danielson is asking YOU to support Snow’s Kickstarter Campaign, so check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/632862848/snow-0 


Snow is currently a screenplay, awaiting production, written by Jason Hough, and Alex Gibson (The Blogmen).  We currently have a number of actors ready to start shooting including: Stephanie Danielson, LeeAnna Vamp, Richard Hench, and Lauren “Ellie” Collins, actor bios can be seen below.

Call for investors:
Blogmen Media
is currently seeing investors to help us make this film.  If you are interested in investing in the vastly growing market of independent film please contact us, we will gladly send you our business and distribution plans, that have been reviewed by leaders in the business; including marketing executives at Universal Studios.

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A few months ago we did a post about a really awesome guy (Jacob Stem) and his company Faerie Metal Photography, since that time Jacob has done a lot more work including some metal cards and 6×11 metal posters for our Kickstarter campaign that is still going on now.  Below you can see some samples of his latest work including some additional items for Brian Pulido, and his comic book Lady Death, and Everette Hartsoe’s Razor: Scars to name a few.  Check out the samples and if you would like to have Jacob to do some work for your project, he can be contacted on Facebook and via his website.  Thank You for your support of projects like Faerie Metal Photography and be sure and check back here soon for more cool stuff from Jacob and Julie Stem. Read the rest of this entry »