If you haven’t read this piece that the Blogmen posted last night on “Red Rose“, the new film produced by Alabama’s own Jeffrey Parker, you may want to start there first.  We promise to keep you updated as we get new information about the film, including when and where you can see it.  Tonight, however, we want to bring you some hot new pics straight from the on-set photographer, Andrew C. Smith.

IMGP1927 - Copy

It’s easy to see why Parker chose Mihailoff for this film. He is a hulk of a man, as shown in this scene.

What immediately grabbed our attention is the fierce intensity in Mihailoff’s eyes.  To paraphrase Parker himself, Mihailoff is truly Leatherface without a mask.  (For those who may not know, Mihailoff assumed the role of Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3).  This is a man who escaped prison with one goal in mind, to bring the man responsible for his fate, a deadly gift in return.

IMGP1844 - Copy

Mihailoff’s towering frame is sure to bring chills to the audience in this scene.

It is apparent that many people are really excited for the release of this film, and shortly after our post last night, we’ve received so many positive responses and requests for more information that it has nearly blown our minds.  Let it be known that this is feedback directed, not to us, but to Parker, Smith, Mihailoff and everyone else involved in creating this gem of a film.  Stay tuned as we bring you additional pictures, a trailer, and a few surprises!  In the meantime, please get the word out to everyone by sharing this post.  We would love to see this film spread to horror fans all over the country!

IMGP1893 - Copy

A shot behind the scenes as Parker concentrates on the scene at hand.

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