Comic Books: Agent: Wild – Campaign Complete Now What?

Posted: November 7, 2013 by jasonhough01 in Promotionals, The Blogmen read Comics!
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The Agent: Wild Kickstarter campaign is complete, so what’s next for Don Walker’s successfully funded book?  First, the promo trading card above will be seen at a Comic Book Convention in the UK (Birmingham Memorabilia & Comic Con at the NEC Birmingham) on the 23rd and 24th of November.

Below is the newly colored first page of the book, and following that a short interview with Don Walker about his next steps in the Agent: Wild journey.

So the kickstater campaign is finally over, and you were able to surpass your goals, how do you feel? What’s going through your mind now?
It’s crazy. You work so hard during the campaign. It’s a 24/7 job all by itself. We reached our goal pretty early so I spent the last two to three weeks working as hard as I could to get to the stretch goal and somehow find a way to surpass it. The last two days are an adrenaline rush as new backers poor in, seemingly out of nowhere. And then it’s all over. You’re left with an adrenaline high that lasts for days. In my case, I fell ill the last day of the campaign and am just now starting to feel better. I think the long nights and early morning campaigning caught up to me.

But shortly thereafter, you realize how much work you have to do and that it’s now ‘real.’ You have to get the work done or your reputation will be destroyed. And with Kickstarter and its community, reputation is important, particularly if you plan on doing another campaign in the future.

What are the next steps?
With my campaign for Agent: Wild #0, I had completed the pencils and script for the entire book before the campaign launched so I’m ahead of the game. Personally, I’ve switched into ‘publisher’ mode and have now begun applying the pressure on my inker and colorist to handle their jobs. We have to finish the book, as well as complete the backer rewards like the metal trading cards, etc.

We’re getting as much of that done as we can while we’re waiting for Amazon and Kickstarter to release the funds. It takes 14 days after the campaign ends before the funds are released to me. Once they are received, I can plan where the money goes first, whether that be metal trading cards, t-shirts, etc.

And of course, keeping the backers updated and involved with the whole process because without them, I wouldn’t have any work to do.

Are things on schedule?
So far, so good. I’ve brought on talented inker Jeff Graham, who inked all the trading cards, to also come in and help ink the book. Having him assist our main inker, Larry Welch, has been a godsend. My art team are professionals with day jobs in the comic book industry so while I believe they’ll get their work done, I do have plans in place should things get behind. My goal has always been to get a quality book out on time. When you back a project, you place your trust in that creator or creators to get the work done. I don’t want to be fodder for the anti-Kickstarter guys out there.

Do you have anymore “treats” in store for readers before the book is published?
Of course! But they’ll just have to wait. Won’t really be a treat if I let you all know what they are now?

Seems that the “Contest Mondays” were a success as well, do you have anything else like that planned?
Possibly. I loved doing the contests, but now I really have to put my efforts into getting the book done. It ships in February, but we have to get it to the printer by the first if January which is closer than you think. I can see the possibility of more contests closer to the release of the book. We’ll see.

How are non-backers able to get a copy of the book once it is published?
I’m working on a website that will allow non backers to pre-order the book ahead of it’s release. We’ll be touring comic shops with the book and doing conventions but our reach with those will be limited, so you’ll be able to get the book online somewhere. I want as many people to read it as possible, so I’ll make it as readily available as possible.

When are we all going to see the hula dance that you promised us?
The backers will see it soon. Again, I’m getting over a bad cold. TheBlogMen readers will see it next Wednesday for sure.

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