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Steve Wolsh (WithanO Productions) is at it again, with the announcement of the Muck theatrical release date and news on a prequel.  See the news release below, check out the Kickstarter page, and help back this awesome horror project.


Muck is the middle chapter of a true horror trilogy, and casting for the prequel “Muck Offed” has begun, as Steve Wolsh & WithAnO Productions are set to start filming “Muck Offed” late August 2014. I’m pretty sure we’re the first indie horror film to begin production of a prequel before the original has its official release date, but as a trilogy, all three films are needed to tell the whole story.

Muck boasts a great looking cast of up and comers as well horror icon Kane Hodder (Jason in the Friday the 13th films, Hatchet 1,2,3) and 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Jaclyn Swedberg. Below are some production images, the official Muck trailers and the special scene starring Stephanie Danielson.  For more information regarding Muck please check out The Blogmen dedicated page, and be sure to check out the poster art for the movie by the talented artist Dan Demille. (more…)


Below is a news broadcast that John Schneider did for his new movie “Smothered”.   Check it out, and share it with your friends, or anyone else you know that would love this new “gruesome horror comedy”:


Below are some movie stills from the upcoming horror movie Muck.  The film stars:   Lachlan Buchanan, 2012 Playmate of the Year: Jaclyn Swedberg, Lauren Francesca, Puja Mohindra, Bryce Draper, Stephanie Danielson, Laura Jacobs, Gia Skova, Grant Alan Ouzts, and horror legend Kane Hodder as Grawesome Crutal…. (more…)


Stephanie Danielson from “Muck”

I had the pleasure to personally interview Stephanie Danielson;  She is an awesome person, actress, and humanitarian.  Read through the interview below and check out the linked pages for some of her other projects. (more…)


It’s hard to believe that a city rooted in horses and basketball could have room to fit in anything else, but it has.  Lexington, Kentucky is world famous for the Kentucky Derby and the multitude of horse farms that dot the landscape.  This city is also widely known for the Wildcats, whom I follow almost religiously, year after year, even after I moved to Alabama.  Never in my dreams (or should I say nightmares?) did I imagine Lexington hosting one of the world’s largest horror and paranormal conventions! (more…)

Since we’ve made the announcement of “Red Rose” (click here), we have seen a lot of excitement build in anticipation of seeing R.A. Mihailoff and Addy Miller on the same screen.  Yesterday, the Blogmen had a unique opportunity to meet with the man behind the curtain of “Red Rose”, Jeffrey Parker along with photographer Andrew C. Smith, in hopes of getting some peeks behind that “curtain”.  And, boy, we did…

Today, we want to bring to you this exclusive piece from the director himself.  He takes a few moments to share with us his surreal experience in bringing R.A. Mihailoff into the role as Robert Benson, aka, “The Boogeyman”.  Here he describes how he wanted this character to have a “presence so big that it could literally cast a dark shadow over an entire residential home”.  We not only expect R.A. to fulfill that role, but to extend that shadow past the confines of “Red Rose” and into the horror genre beyond.

With that, we step aside, pull back the curtain, and give you the words from Parker himself…


R.A. Mihailoff’s profile in a chilling red, by Andrew C. Smith.